FAQsFrequently Asked Questions About Working with Our Healthcare MSO.

Ensuring the Right Management Services Organization Fit

What size clients do you work with?

As a physician managed service organization (MSO), we have the capability to service practices of all sizes. Whether you have one office location or twenty, our team of experts can appropriately coordinate and manage the services your business needs.

Are your services specific to family medicine practices?

No. While our roots are in managing family medicine practices, we offer expert services to practices of all specialties. In recent years, we have worked with a range of specialty practices including neurology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, physical therapy, internal medicine, and psychiatry.

Getting Started with Our Healthcare MSO

What are the terms of a contract with Affinity Healthcare Solutions?

Because every plan is customized for the needs and goals of the practice, so are the terms of each contract. The terms will be clearly presented and discussed prior to the contract being finalized.

How long does it take Affinity Healthcare Solutions to put services in place?

The onboarding process begins once the contract is finalized. Depending on the service offerings your practice has selected, the timeline for this process will vary. Our team will communicate the expected timeline for the onboarding process, as well as the steps needed to get you up and running on our services.

Working with Affinity Healthcare Solutions Physician MSO

We’ve finished onboarding – now what? Do you provide ongoing support?

Absolutely. At the beginning of your onboarding process, your practice will be assigned a “navigator.” Your navigator’s role is to coordinate the resources you need and to serve as your point of contact at Affinity Healthcare Solutions. In addition to ongoing coordination, your navigator is committed to answering your questions and resolving any issues in a timely manner.

Do you outsource any services to subcontractors or outside vendors?

The biggest advantage to partnering with a physician managed service organization like ours is the availability of existing relationships with experienced, reliable healthcare vendors. We believe strongly that the best way to serve you is to bring in supporting experts when they are needed.