Revenue Cycle ManagementHow can a Management Services Organization Improve My Practice’s RCM?


As a physician managed service organization, we understand that your patients are your number one priority, but to stay in business, you also need to make a profit. Along with our utmost dedication to compliance, Affinity Healthcare Solutions has years of expertise in managing and collecting payments. We offer RCM services that guide you throughout the process, keep you connected, track your data, and ultimately expand your business. Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment today.

BillingAccuracy is crucial for growth -- we can help

Having assisted over 90 practitioners, and with over 20 years of experience in independent practice resources, we have a team of medical billers that are well-versed in billing to all major payers. We are also experts in cost reporting and billing consultation. We gladly offer our clients off-site billing support, including account management and customer support to patients inquiring about their bill.

CredentialingWorking with a management service organization makes it stress-free

Our team of medical credentialing specialists will help you ensure that all personnel and services adhere to credentialing guidelines, regulations, and government laws. Our services include processing applications, reappointment paperwork, and maintaining and updating databases for both practitioners and facilities.

Fee Schedule AnalysisWe optimize your fee schedule for you

Is your fee schedule outdated? Our executive team can review your fee schedule and make recommendations based on our years of experience in both primary and specialty care.

Coding supportBackup when you need it

Our certified coders can assist with day-to-day operations like tackling coding backlogs, lending a hand during peak periods, and filling temporary vacancies. Affinity Healthcare Solutions coders have extensive ICD-10 training and comprehensive knowledge of official coding guidelines.

Quality ComplianceAssistance from an expert physician managed services organization

Using our physician MSO expertise, we offer three main preventative measures that mitigate risk with revenue cycle compliance: assistance with a comprehensive review of front office/back office workflows, compliance training for all staff and vendors, and the creation of checks and balances for a proper compliance management process.

Provider & Site AnalyticsWe prepare reports with your needs in mind

Data can be powerful. Tracking provider and site specific data can help set yearly goals, organize budgets, and plan for potential growth. Let our physician MSO’s team help build customized analytics to fit your needs.

Claim SubmissionAccurate and easy with Affinity Healthcare Solutions

Clean claims are key to a successful practice. Affinity Healthcare Solutions offers practices the opportunity to expedite payments by ensuring that claims are complete, accurate, and compliant -- minimizing the number of rejections. Each claim is meticulously inspected by our healthcare management service organization’s team of professionals prior to being submitted.

Denials & AppealsClaims administration made simple

Managing appeals can not only be costly, but also time consuming. Let our team of healthcare management services organization experts save your practice potential lost revenue with our extensive case review process and development of arguments to support each claim.

Accounts Receivable ManagementA healthcare MSO with A/R expertise

There is one thing all successful practices have in common: They manage their accounts receivable. Resolving unnecessary write-offs and addressing bad debt can not only boost profits, but also foster a positive culture of collections. We offer clients our expertise in the management of accounts receivable using industry best practices.

Payer Contracts AnalysisIncrease your profits

Are you maximizing your payer reimbursements? Let us take a look. With experience in both primary and specialty care contracts, our skilled contract negotiators can identify opportunities for higher reimbursements, including for managed care contracts.