Why Use an MSO?A Healthcare MSO Can Help Keep Your Practice Profitable

Decreasing Reimbursements

Doctors and their practices continue to struggle financially. The reimbursement landscape is still bleak, and the ability to adapt to the new healthcare model is the only way to ensure profitability.

Increasing Overhead

In most industries, if the cost of raw materials goes up, the price of the end product goes up -- but that’s not the case in medicine. Many practices are having to close because it isn’t feasible for them to stay in private practice under current circumstances.

Technological Upgrades

Healthcare professionals understand the pace of recent technological advances. In the last decade, it has become necessary to switch from a paper-based records system to a digital framework. This comes at a high cost that not all medical practices can afford.

Affinity Healthcare Solutions is committed to doing whatever it takes to address these challenges and help you build and maintain the business you’ve always wanted.

Is a Healthcare MSO Right For My Practice?

Improve patient care

Affinity Healthcare Solutions can help you stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements in the healthcare space, while helping keep your operations and reports organized, so that you can provide the highest quality of integrated care.

Save time with independent physician resources

Avoid spending hours of your personal and professional time managing administrative and personnel concerns. Let us focus on the day-to-day so that you can focus on what really matters: caring for your patients.

Stay independent

We can help you stay independent by monitoring your overhead costs, reimbursements, and payments. Affinity understands that you built your business, and we’ll ensure that you’re involved every step of the way.

See increased profitability

Our history includes relationships with insurance providers and access to wholesale discounts, giving your practice the edge in negotiating deals and saving money.

Plan for the future

Our team of experienced consultants can help you plan for the future of your practice -- plotting growth, setting goals, tracking progress, and providing unparalleled expertise.